Our History:

Ruff Ryders Atlanta was founded by several of the most respected members of Georgia’s riding community in 2002. Steadily, this core group selectively added members whose positivity embodied the Ruff Ryder lifestyle.

Our members are professionals who choose to adopt riding as a way of life. As individuals we display aspects of family, community, charity and passion for motorcycles. Collectively, we are unique group of men and women who will redefine your view of the urban rider. As a club, we raised the bar by promoting diversity, respect for individuality, and positively influencing the image of sports bike riders. We wear the “R” With Pride.

As clubs come and go, we still remain the most recognized public name associated with the motorcycling community. We have watched the face of Georgia change. We will continually strive for the betterment of our larger community.

As the saying goes…"Respected By All"…

We are the Atlanta Ruff Ryders!