Walt Love (9/25/10)

Walter “Walt Love” Crook, Jr.

Sunrise: May 15, 1972

Sunset: September 25, 2010

Not everyone is cut from the same cloth. Some people are put into your life for you to see things that you normally wouldn’t see and in ways that you’d never think.

Walter “Walt Love” Crook, Jr. was one of those people. Walt was a motorcycle enthusiast among other hobbies, and was well known in the community. He never met a stranger and had many friends. College friends that remained close, traveling friends, co-workers and biker friends, not just in Atlanta, but biker friends around the world including Brazil. If you take a quick peek onto his Facebook page that is still open after 2 years of his passing and you’ll see the impact that he had on his friends’ lives.

Walt lived everyday as an adventure and never stepped away from any challenge. He was known to ride in any weather condition and would show up to any function, dressed fresh in a nice pair of chucks underneath his rain suit. We carry a “Varsity” hat with us as a reminder to the challenge he won when he was prospecting with the Ruff Ryders. A talk with Walt was like talking to a friend that you hadn’t seen in years. You might start talking about the last episode of Boondocks, to old times, then on to talking about sports, or sharing photos of his weekend trips, and finish up with him telling you how to build your own computer. Most of the time this was done over Crab legs and Coronas.

Walt loved and took care of his family and close friends. They were most important him. You wouldn’t find it hard to be in agreement with him. As one of his favorite quotes was “yeah man.” He was an easy going free spirit who valued life and the time that he spent with you. Walt is missed by many, and loved by all that knew him.

We will always love you Walt and you will NEVER be forgotten!

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