Robert 'Mello' Rodriguez originally from the Bronx, NY, joined the U.S. Navy and after 5 years in Connecticut, moved to Atlanta during the winter of 1993 and brought with him the east coast blizzard where he quickly learned one must try to beat others to the grocery store for bread and water before the shelves empty.

Working in the IT industry since 1998 as a Financial Systems Consultant and traveling every week for work, Mello's social life was all work and little play so he decided to buy another bike after not having one since the Navy. He bought a '98 Honda CBR600 but upgraded to a 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa to satisfy his need for speed.

Having co-founded a small MC, Mello decided that joining an organization that was established, known nationwide, and respected for riding bikes hard would be a better fit for him. After riding with several clubs and meeting ex-Atlanta Ruff Ryder member Velvet Jones and then Prospect Manager and current member Randi, Mello learned that Ruff Ryders had a chapter in Atlanta and he started prospecting October 2008 for ATLRR.

Since being vested in February 2009, he's worked hard in communicating to and getting his chapter brothers & sisters to RRep the streets with him. Within his first year as a Soldier, the membership voted Mello as PRO then as Chapter President and he's been going hard since then as he is on his 3rd term as Chapter President. Mello is proud of the Unity and Fellowshipping his chapter is known for. He often refers to his chapter as World Class!

Mello is known for posting daily motivational quotes on Facebook but really enjoys sharing his RR knowledge with prospects as he travels throughout the nation to support RR Anniversaries.

Some of the quotes he lives by and also shares with prospects are:

'While a prospect or member, find a weakness in your chapter and own it-take ownership of it and make that weakness a strength. Help make your chapter be World Class.'

'Don't discuss a problem without a potential solution'.

'Don't talk about it....Be about it!'

'Don't judge a person by what you hear, but only by his actions'.

And finally he lives by the motto: 'Keep Up or Fall Back, I'm makin' moves!'

Mello's dedication to Ruff Ryders is no question over 100% as he continues to find ways to set tRRends.