Charlton Harris aka Jerzee was born and raised in the urban jungle of Camden NJ. His mother moved her family to Denver, Colorado in 1982 to escape the city streets. Moved to California from 1986-87 then returned to Colorado to serve Corporate America. Called to Atlanta in 1994 to help run the family business. Jerzee is currently the owner of the Imhotep Academy private school. A life-long love of speed and all things fast, he was introduced to bikes in 2003. Starting with a Suzuki 500, to Katana 750 and, then Yamaha YZF 600, Jerzee’s next bike was a Triumph 675 and he now currently rides a Gixxer 1000. Jerzee is a true lover of all things fast! Married to Lillian Harris for 16 years and has three kids; ages 22, 16 and 10. Vested as a Ruff Ryder in Myrtle Beach 5/2005, Jerzee is now currently on his second term as VP for the Atlanta Chapter.

“Free your mind” is his daily bread!