Smylz - The Vice President

Pamela Renee Oliver (“Smylz”), was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, raised in Springfield, Mass. (big difference…yes I know). I lived in Silver Spring, MD for about 6 years and then moved to Stone Mountain, Georgia in hot ass August of 2000. I have a son who I am very close to and so proud of, who attends Savannah State University. (Yeeaaahh for Jordan)

I first fell in love with bikes when I was younger and my mom had a purple bike. (I don’t remember what kind it was). She rode the hell out of that bike, up until my uncle crashed it. And all I ever wanted was a bike when I grew up. Life got in the way of that dream ....BUT…once my son got into high school, I deemed it was my time to live and enjoy my life. Soooo, I bought a bike (which some called it a lawn mower) but I didn’t care, it was MY bike! But, I now own a pretty pearl white GSXR 600 and his name is Cain!

Before joining Ruff Ryders, I contemplated on a couple of other MCs until I hung out with Ruff Ryders one anniversary and fell in love… here I is…a soldier in the ATL Chapter!

I am a firm believer in “when someone shows you who they are……..believe them!”