SaRRkazm - The Treasurer

Name: SaRRkazm

Position: Treasurer

Member Since 2011

Ride: 2005 Yamaha R1 (Red)

Birthplace: New York City

Kid(s): 1 son

Motto 1: “You Have What You Say!”

Motto 2:“Everything Happens For A Reason!”

Born in New York City and raised in a few different places as a military brat. She has grown into being a very versatile individual w/ many talents due to learning how to adapt as a child of the military lifestyle. After graduating high school in Fayettville, NC, she spent a semester in college before enlisting in the military. She honorably served her country for a couple of in the U.S. Air Force.

After separating from the Air Force in 1995, SaRRkazm moved to Atlanta for a change in scenery as she didn’t want to move back to NYC. Single with no attachments she lived life to the fullest and gained a lifetime of experience as she really believes the concept of you only live once so make the most of it! She went back to school and gained a Bachelor of Science degree in Paralegal Studies (Pre-Law) and her Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). She is finishing up her 2nd Master's in Information Systems focusing on Project Management. She often went to Daytona for their bi-annual Bike Week festivities in support of her father who often performed during the festivities with his band. SaRRkazm really wanted to learn how to ride and although she had no one to show her the ropes was determined to do so even if she had to teach herself!!

SaRRkazm has a teenage son. He has the same passion for bikes as she does and will tell you he’s an RR in training! Although she is a mother with a successful career, SaRRkazm finally decided that when her son was about 8 years old that he was getting a bit more self-sufficient and it was time for her to focus on some of her passions in life that she had placed on hold. It was time to play just as hard as she works!! She had always known about the Ruff Ryders as a native of the Bronx in New York City. She saw the foundations of what the family was about when it was first created. SaRRkazm had a conversation with ASAP (non-RR at the time) about learning to ride and joining a bike club. He told her that Ruff Ryders had a chapter here in Atlanta and that we should go check that out. She quickly discovered that the “R” displayed the same love of family and camaraderie that she saw so many years ago. She knew that was the only choice for her!

Hit with a sudden job loss, SaRRkazm had to put things on hold yet again for another year. ASAP went on to become a Ruff Ryder and told her he’d be there waiting on her. She was serious about being a Ruff Ryder so she continued to hangaround the Atlanta Ruff Ryder family until her personal circumstances would allow her to move forward.

Vested in 2011, SaRRkazm hit the ground running and has been a very active member from day one. She plays a very active role in mentoring prospective members that come into the Atlanta chapter as well as other chapters worldwide! She was the Atlanta Secretary for more than 2 years and has since transitioned to another leadership position. She really enjoys being able to do her part in moving the chapter forward by bringing her knowledge, organization and technical skills to the forefront to assist in making the Atlanta Chapter the trendsetting chapter it has become. She was recently recognized during the Summer of 2013 by her RR peers as Ruff Ryder Secretary of the Year! She rides a 2005 Yamaha R1, loves to travel and is an avid music lover!! She is down to get on 2s and ride out just about anywhere…dancing on her bike all the way!!