Patrick "ASAP" Robinson Jr. was born in New Orleans, LA and Raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey. He is single with his only daughter Reagan Adelle Robinson born Father’s Day 2012. He works as a Director of Software QA for a firm in North Atlanta. He loves to travel abroad and locally, party, shoot guns/rifles, jet-ski, skydive, and most of all Ride on 2's.

He came to RR as a Hang Around in December 2008 with a 2007 Kawasaki ZX-6R and a Harley Davidson Stashed away in the Watts section of Los Angeles, California. ASAP was vested just before Myrtle 2009. Shortly after in September the same year his job moved him to the Maryland Area where joined the newly formed Northern Virginia Chapter where he would later serve as Road Captain. After returning to Maryland instead of getting on a sportbike again he shipped his 2000 Harley Davidson from Los Angeles to Maryland and never owned a sportbike again. ASAP left the company in Maryland in August 2010 to rejoin his original ATLRR family. In 2011, ASAP hit the lab with his Harley to emerge with what many around the RR nation felt has changed the game for RR as a whole.

As a result of "Mulatto" hitting the set of ATL, a new transformation took place around the nation and RR Hogg Gang was born. ASAP is credited for inspiring his chapter to view Harley's in a different light and now ATL RR are 10 Harley strong and over 100 Nationwide and growing daily.

In his spare time he loves to spend time with his daughter and take extended trips on the ground to warm destinations. Each day he can be found presenting his daily "Fist Pounds" and "Moment in History" series on Facebook or at RR events pushing and prodding each vested member into joining the Harley Lifestyle.